Goblin Slayer: I Try To Analyze The OP

Some Spoilers for Goblin Slayer Ahead.

So I finally decided, after much debate, to give Goblin Slayer a spin. Since there was a lot of buzz around it online and stuff.

I thought it was rather disturbing, but I think the anime is pretty good overall.

Anyways, I was really intrigued by the OP of the anime, and I found that I liked it quite a lot. As well, I have been wanting to do an OP analysis post for ages, but never really found the right OP.

Honestly Goblin Slayer isn’t the best OP to be analyzing, as it’s OP animation is rather meh, but the song, Rightfully by Mili, has some interesting lyrics. Continue reading “Goblin Slayer: I Try To Analyze The OP”


Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai First Impressions!

After running around on the internet a bit, I heard that this anime was actually better than it seemed from the description.

And boyyyyyyyyy….

Episode 1 and this is already my favourite anime of the year, assuming that it doesn’t go downhill.



Quality content right here^

Okay, jokes aside, those two pictures above don’t fully represent the anime AT ALL. You can definitely expect humour of the same branch, but I think that this anime is, and will be, so much more.

One episode in and I already love the main characters. Sakuta, our male lead for this anime, already feels like a very well thought-out character; he’s calm and thoughtful, but he also has an awesome sense of humour. Mai, the female lead, also feels really fleshed out. She’s a quiet and reserved tsundere, and I’m sure a lot of you out there who’re watching this anime know another character who’s very similar to Mai.

The main conflict has been shown so far to be this: In certain places, Mai, for some mysterious reason, is unable to be seen by the people around her. Sakuta who is one of the people who can see her, tells her that he and his sister have also experienced some supernatural activities. Sakuta tells her it’s called “Adolescence Syndrome”. At first, this is somewhat of a blessing to Mai, who became a celebrity at age 6, as she had frequently wished that she could live in a world where nobody knew her. However, when more and more people can’t see her, or even notice her at all, she realizes she’s in trouble.

Hmm. Serious, tsundere girl with supernatural problems meets with guy who’s experienced supernatural problems in the past? And this guy also has a sister who has supernatural problems as well?


Nope, never watched anything like it.

The anime seems to be very dialogue/monologue heavy, which is fine because it’s done very well. Much like another anime, that many of you are probably thinking of. The monologues are thoughtful and really give you a good look at the main character’s personality. Not only that, but I also feel like I can really relate with some of what he’s said in this episode.

There’s a part in the anime where Sakuta is monologuing. He says, talking about high school,

Once the class takes its shape, it doesn’t change easily. Others will talk behind your back if you stand out, calling you annoying or a show off. And once that happens, everyone knows that there’s no going back. That’s the kind of pace a school is.

I really do think this is true. The high school where I’m going starts in grade 7, but I joined in grade 9, with a few other people. Thus, most of the people in my grade have already known each other for two years, possibly more, whereas the people like me have only just entered the school. It was, and still is, rather difficult to really make friends—most of the people I hang out with at school are the other new kids who joined in ninth grade. I feel that, because we were new, we got a lot of initial judgements that may end up sticking with us for the rest of our high school lives, especially since it’s hard to break into friend groups that have already formed and solidified over two years.

Anyways, here is a summary my initial judgements after watching the first episode:

  • Characters are well done! I love all the characters so far!
  • Character dynamics are interesting to watch! Like a certain other anime that I have “subtly” referencing throughout this post.
  • Plot/conflict seems unique. That is pretty good.
  • Humour is great!
  • Art is pretty decent.
  • Music is very chill, and sets a good mood for the dialogues and monologues. Reminds me of another anime…
  • I like the OP. ED seems find too.

I loving this show right now!

I am enjoying this very much ;P

Hinamatsuri (Anime Review)

Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural

A young girl, Hina, with extraordinary psychic powers blinks into existence in the home of a yakuza. Said yakuza, named Nitta, adopts her.


Personal Opinions
I had heard this anime was quite popular when it came out back in the Summer season this year, and so I decided I would try it out. Overall, it met my expectations, and I deem it a pretty decent anime. Every episode managed to be both sad, heartwarming, and funny at the same time. It wasn’t particularly amazing and it sometimes felt a bit boring/stale, but overall I think it was a pretty good anime. Just not really my cup of tea. Continue reading “Hinamatsuri (Anime Review)”

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki. K

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Saiki was born with extraordinary psychic powers that enable him to do almost anything, like generate fire, teleport, see through walls, and even jump through time! However, his life is a lot tougher than one might think…


Personal Opinions
This is probably my favourite comedy anime to date! Both seasons of the anime provided consistent hilarity and the character dynamics made the whole anime much more fun than I ever anticipated it would be.
Anyways, I’m pretty sure this is my first time reviewing a comedy anime, as I’ve only recently delved into some comedy series, but anyway, I’ll try my best!

Story: 7/10
Every episode is composed of four (I think) mini episodes, which are usually separate stories, though sometimes there is a little arc that takes up four or five of them. Each of those mini-episodes generally fall into the same structure of story, being the introduction (whatever problem poor Saiki has to deal with happens), then the arduous and annoying completion of the task, and finally, Saiki solves the problem—at which point the mini episode ends, but not before the episode delivers it’s punchline. Sometimes a mini episode will follow one of the secondary characters, which is lovely to watch as well! Overall, it’s a really enjoyable anime and never ceases to make me laugh.


Something I really liked was that the show never forgets anything—if you see some random character appear for a short episode, you can bet that you’ll see that character again. Maybe not soon, but they’ll definitely come back. And when they do come back, you can count on it being a good, fresh episode.
Speaking of bringing back characters, the anime does a good job of using concepts, but not overusing them. For example, there are a few episodes involving time travel, but they are evenly spaced throughout the series so you don’t get tired of watching Saiki’s time travel adventures.
Another aspect of the show that I think really makes it a good comedy is that it goes really fast. That way you never end up with a long stretch where you just get bored, since things are always dynamic and changing, and I think that was a main aspect of why the show was so funny, and consistently so.


Characters: 8/10
The characters are the stars of the comedy. Without the wide cast of characters and the different elements that everyone of them brings to the show, this show wouldn’t be as nearly as good as it is. The characters, who are all composed of a single personality that’s exaggerated a lot, aren’t particularly fleshed out and are mostly static/unchanging, but for the purpose of the comedy show they do quite well.


However, because of the relatively unchanging nature of these characters, there is a possibility that one could get tired and bored of the jokes and comedic interactions. I felt this a bit, especially near the end of the second season when they dropped a lot of the comedy and actually did a slightly more serious episode. Which was interesting, but it felt a bit awkward, since it was still trying to keep it’s comedic, lighthearted tone throughout some rather dark scenes.

Art: 6/10
It’s good. Nothing particularly unique about it. Enough said!

Sound: 7/10
I really enjoyed the voice acting, for all the characters. They were all done really well, and I loved Teruhashi’s voice acting especially (I liked Teruhashi’s character in general. Her episodes were the best episodes). The OPs and EDs were pretty good, and in fact some of the series’s comedy was actually incorporated into them. Did I mention that the show is very, very self-aware?


Final Notes:
It’s a nice watch if you’re just looking for a funny, relaxing, lighthearted comedy to watch.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Other Information:
Source: Manga
Length: 24 min/episode, 48 episodes
Studio: J.C. Staff, Egg Firm
Rating: PG-13
(Info from My Anime List)

I don’t own Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan  – it belongs to it’s rightful owners!

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 First Impressions!


Is it even possible to mess it up that badly.

Really. I really want to know, how you can take a perfectly awesome manga and adapt it so terribly.


As you might have inferred, I am not happy with the current state of TG:re. I turned a blind eye to the first season that aired in Spring….but hohoho….this first episode is not something even a dedicated fan of Tokyo Ghoul can defend.

I read the manga, and I still had trouble understanding what was going on.

They basically completely skipped the siege on Aogiri Tree, which means a lot of cool fights were missed. Then the anime tried to clear five to six chapters in a single freaking episode. The result is that Kaneki’s characterization and personality is so inconsistent and a complete mess, and unsatisfactory exposition is dumped into most of the episode.

A bunch of people said things purely so that the watcher would be able to sort-of-not-really understand what was going on.

Ugh. Well, I just hope that the anime goes a little bit slower from now on.

The only decent scenes were the ones with Takatsuki Sen in them.


Other than the things I ranted about, the other aspects are okay. The art is pretty decent, same with the voices.

But man. I’m really bummed about this anime adaption.

WhoAmI, disappointed Tokyo Ghoul fan, signing off.

What I’ll Be Watching – Fall 2018

Hello everyone! So the Fall 2018 season is coming up soon! I didn’t really find anything particularly good in the Summer 2018 season, but I know that I’m excited for the next season, because I’ll finally, finally, be able to finish Fairy Tail!

So here’s what I’m planning to watch this next season!

  1. Fairy Tail (2018) – Obviously I’ll be watching this. Fairy Tail was one of my favourite anime, and also one of the first I ever watched. To be honest, the anime’s first few arcs weren’t very interesting, but I think it definitely got really fun later on in the series. I haven’t watched it in two years though, so I’ve basically forgot A LOT of stuff. I wonder if I should go through the story again in the manga?
  2. Sword Art Online Alicization – Wow. A-1 pictures REALLY took their time, huh? I read the light novels (or at least some of them) for Alicization, and the story-line isn’t particularly interesting. However, I think the visuals and fights will be nice to see, and those are basically the only reason why SAO was enjoyable. That said, since the fights are the best part of SAO, I highly do not recommend reading the LNs because the story is really predictable and dry without being able to see the fights. I will say that Alicization is an interesting arc because it essentially puts Kirito into a completely new world (without any of his old friends), and the other main character of the arc is a boy.
    Ahem, let me say that again.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul:re Saishuushou – Though the anime is rather messy, extremely rushed, and not that great, I really loved the manga, and it’s great seeing the action happening on screen, since it’s quite hard to follow the fights in the manga. I’m looking forward to seeing Tokyo Ghoul finished on-screen, however rushed it may be. Btw, Saishuushou means “last chapter”.
  4. Toaru Majutsu no Index III – I might watch this, if I have the time. I haven’t watched the first two parts yet, which I plan to watch before I watch this one, if I decide to watch it. It’s about a guy with the power to negate other people’s psychic abilities in a world where a large percentage of the population has said special abilities. The premise seems pretty interesting, albeit cliche.
  5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – This is also a maybe. I have to watch the other seasons first before watching this one, but it’s definitely on my to-watch list! I know this is quite popular among it’s fans, and I haven’t heard anything negative about the show (other than the slow paced first season).

And that’s it! That’s all I’m watching from the Fall Season! I really look forward to watching all these anime! Thanks for reading and goodb—


You guys didn’t think I’d really end the post without including the most highly anticipated anime of the century, did you?

That’s right. I’m talking about ‘that’ anime.

Pingu in the City (2018).

Do NOOT miss the newest season of Pingu in the City!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. Oh, how my heart races just thinking about it! Everything about Pingu in the City is top-notch, from it’s impeccably meaningful and exciting story, to it’s perfectly beautiful characters that make you love them, to it’s dynamic, emotional soundtracks and cream-of-the-crop voice acting, to it’s deeply metaphorical yet beautiful art style.

live  for Pingu.

One last thing before I end the post! I think I’m going to try doing those episode review things, if I have the time. They seem pretty fun, and I often find myself really wanting to say stuff about one particular episode. So, during this season, I’ll pick an anime and review each episode. This won’t be a substitute for a final review though; I will still be doing those!

WhoAmI, a watcher of anime, signing off!

SAO: Alicization First Impressions/Comparison to LN!!

Ohh, boy, I must admit I’m feeling suuuuper hyped right now! Minna-san, I just finished watching the premier episode long overdue season of Sword Art Online, adapting the “Alicization: Beginning” novel, and I must say, it definitely surpassed my expectations as a person who has already gone ahead and read part of the “Project Alicization” light novels. But don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything in this post, but there will be spoilers for the first episode, so watch the episode before reading this review!

Which were quite awful to be honest. The author’s really bad at balancing exposition with action. I dropped it at around the fourth Alicization novel I believe. I wouldn’t recommend reading them.


However, the first episode of the anime really changed my initial expectations of this new season. The anime took the light novel content and made it so much more exciting and dramatic than I thought it would be! Now I’m really hyped for this new season.

Before I review this first episode, I just want to say that I hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving! It’s great to have a holiday, isn’t it? No school! No work! More anime! Yey!

Continue reading “SAO: Alicization First Impressions/Comparison to LN!!”