Sakuta, You Rascal – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Anime Review + Monogatari Comparison!

This review will contain no major spoilers.

Genres: Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural

Sakuta, a (rascal) high school student, sees Sakurajima Mai, a popular show-biz figure and also his senpai in school, wearing a bunny girl outfit in the library. While nobody else seems to notice her, Sakuta immediately begins ogling her (Sakuta you damn rascal). After talking to her for a bit, Sakuta learns that she is experiencing the effects of ‘Adolescence Syndrome’, a mysterious supernatural phenomenon that affects teenagers.


Personal Opinions
So. This is no doubt my favourite show of the Fall 2018 season. Sure, Zombieland Saga was really good as well, but to me Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai just displayed a consistent quality in all of the genres it belonged to, and the last episode was just—

Even Rascals cry. Sometimes.

Anyways, I’ll just get straight into the review!

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What I’ll Be Watching – Winter 2019

So, I just finished looking through the winter anime for 2019, and I’m actually really excited for the new season. Winter 2019 might have even more potential than Fall 2018…we’ll just have to see.
Unfortunately, the sheer amount of anime I want to watch for the Winter Season might not actually be possible, because I have school and things to deal with too….aghhhh.

Anyways, here are the things I’m planning to watch this season!

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Penultimate Week Fall 2018 Anime Review

Hello everyone! Sorry I didn’t post last week (twas a weekend with lots of homework), but now I am back, stronger than ever and filled with the elation that comes from winter break! And so therefore, I plan to post many times more than usual in these two precious weeks of winter break! Today, I shall start with a quick review of each of the anime I have been following this season—as the final arcs of each story is drawing to a close, every anime has done their best to end things with a splash! Unless its one of those anime that are planning on running for over one season.

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Zombieland Saga Episode 10: The Truck Did It Again

Spoilers for Zombieland Saga Episode 10 ahead!

Zombieland Saga had been, up till today, a rather mediocre show that sometimes managed to get a laugh out of me, but other times left me bored. But ever since they began the character arcs, the show had definitely been getting progressively better with every episode. Last week’s episode with Best Girl Saki was undeniably pleasant to see, and although it ended rather optimistically, the show has proven that it can create scenes with emotional impact, along side its comedic, unpredictable plot.

This was so freaking hilarious.
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A Sliver of Silver

In the sparkling sand I wandered
Through crowds of colourful umbrellas.
Towels lay like patchwork,
Drying in the summer heat.
I found myself at the water’s edge
Where the sand is packed and cool.
Looking five kilometers out, I saw
A resplendent flash of silver,
Inviting me to play.
Furtively I took a step, then another.
The waves, they washed my footprints away.
I stopped, feeling reluctant,
But then waves crashed, silver flashed,
And excitement pulled me forward.
I swam, and swam, looking for…
I swam farther, swam harder.
And then it was dark,
And then the water was cold
And the beautiful, silver fish I chased
Was nowhere to be found.

Owarimonogatari Ep. 1…A Masterful Beginning To The End

Minor spoilers for Owarimonogatari Episode 1!

After I recently eased my way through Koyomimonogatari, which was by far one of the most relaxing, yet thoughtful, series of short stories I’ve ever watched, Owarimonogatari’s 50-minute Episode 1 hit me like a bullet of pure ecstasy, detailing a masterfully paced mystery that was weaved deeply into Araragi’s past, introducing two new complex characters, and beautifully executed.

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The Source of Kirito’s Strength in the Underworld

After watching episode 8 of Alicization, I was scrolling through the episode comments, and found a comment attempting to explain Kirito’s enormous source of strength, by stating that since Kirito is a human, he fundamentally has a greater imagination that what AI’s can ever have, since AI can only teach things that they have been taught.

While the comment has logical coherence to it, I wanted to address the fundamental flaw in said comment, and also talk about why Kirito is so strong in Alicization, which is shaping up to be a really fun arc.

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