Anime Plots In One Sentence

Since I wanted to have some fun, I’m going to be summarizing the plots of a few anime in a single sentence (as in, one sentence per anime)! And you, dear reader, get to guess the anime! Of course, to make it harder for you to guess, I won’t be making them the clearest descriptions.

I’ll warn you now, there will be minor spoilers. Nothing specific is spoiled, and most of the stuff I’m spoiling is expected (I mean, we all know the protagonist is going to win. In most cases at least). Besides most of these anime are relatively popular so you’ve probably already watched most of them.

I’ll leave the answers at the bottom of the post, so let’s get right into it.

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The Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

As of today, I have joined the elite community of elite bloggers. That’s right…I am now apart of the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers!

Or I will be, once I answer a few questions. Since the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers is such an elite group, I will have to overcome many trials in order to be accepted.

But these trials are necessary for myself in order to become a mighty blogger. So, here are the rules.

  • Thank the Person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.

Once again, the person who tagged me was the revered Brother Yomu. He is one of the leading experts in his field, no doubt! Go to his blog, or you’ll be missing out on some very interesting posts.

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Cute, Shy, Stutter and Cry; This Anime Character Needs To Die.

Who knows why I didn’t like Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi? Yes, you, on the other side of the screen. Go ahead and answer.

Endless Eight?

Other than that. Everyone hates Endless Eight, or you should if you don’t.

Useless Filler and Fan-service?

Eh, whether or not you like the filler or fanservice is a bit subjective (unlike Endless Eight). Though it’s true I thought those were annoying, it’s not the correct answer. Try again.

You just have trash taste in anime and can’t get it through your empty skull how good Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is.

I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I’ll give you ONE more try…

I don’t know! Tell me, Who-Am-I-Senpai!

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Hmm…What’s This? I’ve Been…Tagged!?

Hello! So, I’m super excited today cuz I finally got tagged!

And that means…I have reached my first step in achieving my ultimate goal! What is this goal, you ask?


Yes! My ultimate goal….Is to become the god of the anime blogging community! Even Ryuk knows it! Mwahahahahahaha! Prepare to be usurped, all ye anibloggers! (1).gif

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Vocabulary Words: Arrant, Gelid and Raffish

So I was thinking about extending my vocabulary, because I enjoy other people not understanding me (inflates my ego over the roof) and makes me more proficient in the occasional vocabulary battle, when you and your buddy try to out-vocabulary each other.

It’s really fun. Really. It is!

So I went out and learned a few words today:

Adjective. According to google, it means complete, utter, absolute…etc. According to other sources, it’s mostly used to say that something is extremely bad, ie, “Your taste in anime is arrant trash.”

This is a particularly good word to learn because now you can add extra punch to your insults, while not sounding like an uncultured swine.

Adjective. It means very cold, and comes from the latin word gelidus, which means “icy, cold, or frosty”. A pond that’s gelid is probably frozen over.

Well, now when it’s winter, you can confuse everyone around you by saying “Wow, it’s so gelid today!” That sounds super weird to say though.

Adjective. Raffish means you’re a scoundrel who can essentially charm your way out of trouble. So if you have a classmate who’s always stealing your chair or untying your shoelaces, but everyone likes them anyway, they could be considered raffish. If someone is charming despite having a bad reputation, then they’re probably raffish. This word actually came from the Middle French phrase “rifle et rafle” which means “stealing from dead bodies on the battlefield”.

I think this word could be quite useful in story writing, if you’re writing a raffish character. It’s not too effective as an insult, sadly, because it’s a word that can be taken as a compliment as well. In fact, a raffish person is probably going to take raffish as a compliment. I think.

Yeah so that’s all for now. I might decide to do this again, maybe not. Bye!

Running into the Sky (Version 2)

Looking up, into the sky,
Where clouds meander
And castles fly,
Tantalizing the human eye.

Reaching up, into the sky,
Grabbing hold of fantasy.
Drawing out that perfect lie,
That often slips through fingers.

Running up, into the sky,
I’ve lost; and so I’ll lose myself
To the asphyxia of runner’s high
Running, till the tears run dry.

And so ground abandons feet;
And the Sun and ocean meet.
Years go by, till the day I die,
Forever, falling into the sky.


Running Into The Sky (Version 1)

Hey, thanks for reading! This poem is sort of based upon another poem I’ve written with the same name. I really think I did a lot better this time, I even got a pun into this one, if you noticed it (3rd Stanza 3rd Line). Hilarious, right?
Anyways, the original poem didn’t actually have much of a meaning, while this one did, and that’s definitely one of the reasons why I really think I did a lot better this time!

Overlord I and II Anime Review

Hello peeps! So I actually originally had something a little different with this post, but for some reason it all disappeared and Ctrl+Z couldn’t bring it back (dammit keyboard shortcut, how could you fail me!?) so I’ll just be doing a normal review in my normal format (the wordpress revision function seems to not have started working either, until my stuff was deleted)! Sry! But I have decided that the No-Spoiler thing kinda makes some of my reviews vague, which I don’t think is good, from now on I’ll be adopting a Minor-Spoilers review style instead. That’s not to say that I’ll be spoiling stuff for sure (I may barely spoil a thing anyway), but being able to say things a bit more freely will probably help my reviews to come across more clearly and hopefully make them better. I will not, however, be spoiling anything particularly major, and if I do I will be sure to warn you ahead of time! Now, for the review!

Genres: Isekai Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Yggdrasil, a very popular MMORPG-type game, is about to be shut down after it’s popularity has faded through the years. Momonga, our main character and a very high leveled player decides to stay logged on till the very end. However, at the moment when servers are supposed to be deleted, Momonga realizes that he has entered the game world and the NPC’s are beginning to move and act by themselves! Momonga decides that, since his real life was boring and stale, he wants to stay in this video game world. He decides to embark on a quest with his NPC buddies to take over the video game world. Yeah.

Image result for ainz ooal gown
Our main character is a Skeleton by the way.


So, how did I come to watch this anime anyway?

After a good few months debating on whether I should spend my time on this SAO-esque sounding anime, I decided to give it a try. However, I was watching with a younger kid, who was not very exposed to anime, and so when one of the more fan-service-y scenes came up in the very first episode, I decided that it was probably better if we just watched something else.
Fast forward multiple months, almost immediately after I finished watching Monogatari Series: Second Season, I found myself looking for a different anime. It’s not that Monogatari was unsatsifying— no, quite the opposite in fact. But I was sorta craving something more action and battle oriented. Seeing as I was caught up on the latest episode of MHA and had no intention of attempting to watch the insanely slow paced One Piece, I decided that it was time to finally put on some Overlord.
I did not know how much I would enjoy it. In two days, I had finished all available episodes and was eagerly awaiting the next episode, which will come out next week. I have always been somewhat of a sucker for magic and cool magical battles and all, and the whole isekai genre is actually quite appealing to me. But I deem Overlord to be one of the most enjoyable anime ever (imo)! I, quite literally, HAD FUN while watching it.
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