Thoughts on Subaru (Re:Zero) and Myself

Light Novel Spoilers btw!

I recently reviewed the anime Re:Zero, and I definitely loved the anime very much.  After I began reading the Web Novel, I’ve begun to learn so much more about Subaru and how he feels.  And I feel like I’m actually a lot like Subaru, and I can kind of understand how he feels.  In fact, I didn’t pay much attention to this side of myself until I learned more about Subaru’s personality and began to make connections.  So seeing as this blog is kind of supposed to be about me figuring out more about myself, let’s talk a bit more about this.

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Re:Zero Starting Life In a New World From Zero (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu)

This is probably my new all time favourite anime.  IT’S SO AWESOME.

Genres: Fantasy, Psychological, Drama, Romance, Thriller

As he leaves the convenience store, Natsuki Subaru is suddenly summoned to a fantasy world full of mythical creatures and demi-humans.  He’s quickly beaten up by thugs, but a beautiful woman, who calls herself Satella, saves him.  Wishing to repay Satella for saving him, Subaru helps her find an important insignia that was stolen from her.  But things are a lot more dangerous than Subaru expected; Satella is killed and Subaru has a fatal wound in his stomach.  With his dying breath, he reaches out to take Satella’s hand…And finds himself alive and healthy in a place where he was a few hours ago.

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Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

The first review on this blog is an anime that I just finished watching, and it was….good I guess?

Genres: Psychological, Action, Thriller, Supernatural

Yukiteru Amano is a socially awkward boy who has no friends and keeps a diary of pretty much everything happening around him.  But one day, he is chosen as a candidate in a survival game, where the lone survivor will replace the god of the world, who is beginning to die.  Each of the twelve candidates are given special diaries; ones that can tell the future.  Each future diary is different, depending on what the user wrote in it before it turned into a future diary.  At first Yukiteru is at a loss at what to do.  He is immediately attacked by another future diary user, but he is saved by a yandere girl, Yuno Gasai, who loves him.

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Importance of Religion

I feel like more and more people are becoming atheists everyday.  I might be wrong, but I wanted to express my personal opinion on the matter, why I believe that religion is good and that one omnipotent God exists.

As I’ve been raised being taught the Christian ways, I’ve always believed and still do believe, even if not whole-heartedly, that there is an omnipotent God out there.  Atheists propose many interesting theories against the existence of God, but I feel that it’s pretty much a guarantee that a God created this universe, or started the Big Bang, or created a multiverse, or whatever.  You can’t just start out with nothing and get something without something causing that, and the thing causing that is what we call God.

But convincing you (or not) of the existence of God isn’t my point here.  Religion is important because, whether or not it exists, I believe that living a life with religion gives you something to hold on to.  It prevents you from having existential crises (or at least should reduce them) and helps you find your way in life.  And when your life ends, well, you’re religion probably says something about what comes after as well, to spare you from fear (if you are afraid) from disappearing into nothingness, assuming you don’t go to Hell.

I also think, though this is purely a guess as I have never been on the brink of death, that if you don’t believe in a something after death, you will feel lost.  That after you’ve lived that life that seemed too short, and couldn’t spend as much time as you wanted to with your loved ones, I think that you will feel lost on your death bed.  Though it’s purely a guess and there are probably many situations completely unlike this.

So even if I’m not sure about anything, I will be sure that a God exists, and as long as a God exists I will hope that I could meet them (during and/or after death) someday.  Even if God turns out to be completely different from what I expect, I’m still sure God exists.

Thanks for reading, and have a good night!

Dark Fire

Dark Fire
Fire cannot live
In this world, all
Returns to the

End of light.

From the truest chaos,
Inspiration stems, to
Rebel with only an

Ephemeral order.

Fear the burning pain,
Indulge in warm embrace.
Revenge and rage

Eternal, brevity of love.

For nothing of Earth, that
Is kind is only kind.
Righteous isn’t happy,

Even more since it’s right.

FIRE, is Hate or Love?
IRE or Joy?
REprieve or Wrath?

End of days or Light of genesis?



This is my first poem on this blog.  I wrote this some time earlier and wanted to put in here.


Teachers Who Mark You On How Hard You Try

So I started school last week.  And we’ve had a few Phys. Ed classes since then, where we kind of just run around and stuff.  I don’t really like my Phys. Ed teacher, because her face always looks scary and she always yells at us.  I don’t hate her, but I’d just rather have someone else teach us.  But the most annoying thing I find about her is that she says she’s going to give us our mark on how hard we try in class.  I really don’t like this, not because I don’t try, but because it just tells us that you’re a lazy teacher.  I don’t expect the teachers to actually try to teach, of course; this is a public school after all, but still.

I think the main concept of Phys. Ed class isn’t to force you to get stronger and more physically capable no matter how fit you already are (I think), but rather for you to stay physically fit, or become physically fit if you aren’t.  So I think your Phys. Ed mark should be based on how well you perform in class, instead of how hard you try.  If you try in class, you will become physically stronger and more capable, and if you don’t, then your physical capability will deteriorate or else you’re staying physically active outside of class.  So whether you try or not will still be reflected in your performance.

Plus, how do you measure how hard somebody is trying?  You can’t, right?

Well it’s not like complaining about it will change my mark.  The teacher is probably going to just dump the same mark on everyone in my class, honestly.  And she’s not very open minded to the opinions of students, so it’s not like I can convince her of anything without risking my mark.

What is a Perfect World?

I recently was asked to describe my version of a perfect world.  I did a bit of thinking, and I came to the conclusion that the world we are in is already the perfect world, at least for me, and for you if I manage to convince you.

If you could change the world in an instant and permanent way (impossible, but just imagine), how would you change it?  Would you create world peace?  Would you make it so that there is no death?  Would you make everyone become kind people?  These things might seem noble and great at first, but after a bit of thinking is done it becomes apparent that if these things ever happened, I don’t think many people will enjoy them.  Do you want world peace?  As far as I know, the only way to do that is to take away the free will of humans.  No wars means no conflicts.  No conflicts means no disagreements.  No disagreements means there is probably a set list of things everyone has to agree on, and therefore no free will.  How about no death?  Well, I think living forever is worse than death.  Life is great, sure, but it’s also tough and painful.  Besides, there are things only death can relieve.  Death is a kindness in it’s own way.

As for making everyone kind, I actually do not see any consequences for this, but kindness, in many cases, is only kindness for one person.  If you sacrifice something of your own to help someone, sure it’s being kind to someone, but you’re not being kind to yourself.  If two people ask for something you only have one of, at least one of them will not receive anything.  Also, assuming that permanently making people kind is taking away their free will, is making everyone kind a kind act in itself?  And kindness isn’t a set list of things you have to do.  Kindness can mean different things for each person.  If you make everyone ‘kind’ how do you know everyone is truly ‘kind’?

How about changing the world so that there is no poverty or so that everyone is happy all the time?  I’ll admit, I was about to end this post right here and then I panicked when I thought of these two idealistic things that people may wish for.  But I thought a bit again, and I don’t think these two are very good either.  Eliminating poverty from the world forever?  If this happens, money will literally have no value.  If you have even a dollar more than everyone else, then everyone else is technically poor.  So you cannot sell things for money nor can you buy things with money because the second you do that someone will have more money than someone else.  Not only money, but everyone would also have to have the exact same possessions as one another, and perhaps even knowledge, appearance and identity depending on how far your definition of poverty goes. Happiness is good and all, but I would hate not to feel any other emotions.  Imagine if you couldn’t be sad or angry or disgusted.  Emotions are an important thing to us, and they shouldn’t be taken away, ever.

I think way too much about this stuff.

Anyways, my version of a perfect world wouldn’t be any different from this current world.  And since I believe in God, I don’t think he would create a faulty world for us either.  Living in this world might be tough at times, but living through tough times only makes you smarter and stronger, and it helps you to grow.  Looking back, I love that I can experience all these emotions, even if they symbolize pain in my life.  I love that people have different opinions than I do, even if I completely disagree with them or I detest their ideas.  I love that I was born into this world so that I can live a full life.  Thank you for reading this, if you have anything to say, please comment!  Have a good day!