LoJ – Chapter 2: Cracks in the Earth

I found Phin waiting for me at the bottom of the hill, holding a few bruised apples that seemed to have fell off the wagon when I pushed it down the hill. Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 2: Cracks in the Earth”


LoJ – Chapter 1: Apples

     I peered around the corner of the worn wooden house to get a better look at my target. The rotund man pulled his wagon, full of juicy red fruit, up the hill. As he neared, I retreated back into the shadow of decrepit building I was hiding behind. If Phin didn’t get this right, I was going to kill him. We hadn’t eaten anything but Merryweeds for two days. Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 1: Apples”

A Story – The Legend of Jai

Hello! So just yesterday, (May 18th)  I started writing a story and posting it on Wattpad. My writing isn’t too great, and the story probably won’t be too amazing either since I’m kind of writing it as I go, but I would love it if you gave it a try if you’ve got time. I’ll post the summary and prologue here, so you know what it’ll be about. It’s currently called “The Legend of Jai”, and it’s basically the legend of some guy I made up in my mind. The link is here. (I realized I didn’t post the link the first time I published the post XD I’m so absent-minded).

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Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows Book 2)

Genres: Fantasy, Crime, Romance, Young Adult

Sequel to Six of Crows: Kaz and his crew plot revenge against a certain merchant after the events of Six of Crows.


Personal Opinions
So I was worried that Crooked Kingdom wouldn’t be as good as Six of Crows was, or maybe it wouldn’t be a worthy sequel. And I’m happy to say that this book didn’t disappoint me at all! In fact, I might’ve actually enjoyed Crooked Kingdom better, although I think it does a few things worse than Six of Crows.

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“Hi, it is i,
a petit line and a dot —
but i‘m not just any lowercase i —
i‘m an italic i!”

Or that’s what i‘d say,
If i had a mouth.
But i don’t, nay,
So use my imagination.

Some and most days i decide to get up travel,
As a wandering monk with secrets to unravel.
i rescue an ugly but kindly princess,
From a spy turned traitor under duress.

Wondering who i‘d be, if i couldn’t be me,
could be more like ℝ, realistic and flexible,
Or more like ℤ, well-rounded and wholesome!
If only i could change – but alas, my roots have gone too deep.

Whatever can i do with my imagination?
It’s full of improbable dreams, and hopeful lies.
A world full of fake creation!
In the end, i‘ll weep with negativity, tears blurring my is.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows Book 1)

Genres: Fantasy, Crime, Young Adult

A scientist who created a highly addictive and dangerous drug has been imprisoned in the most heavily guarded prison in the world – the Ice Court.  But there are many people who want him out. Kaz Breckker, a criminal prodigy, is hired by one of these people to break into the Ice Court and whisk the scientist away. But Kaz can’t do this alone; he needs a very versatile crew – and one willing to attempt a prison break on the highest-security prison in the world.


Personal Opinions
Once upon a time, I literally entered “Best YA fantasy books” into Google. One of the books that caught my eye was Six of Crows, and I’m really happy it did. Six of Crows is no doubt one of the best books I have ever read, right up there with Throne of Glass, and as I write this I have just started the second book in the duology (who even writes duologies?). The book was just so well planned and written and I feel a wonderful sense of completeness after completing the book. Continue reading “Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows Book 1)”