Alone to Wish and Dream

Alone to Wish and Dream

All alone, to wish and dream,
To float beside the clouds.
None to ail me with hurt or guilt,
Or hold me whispering love.

All alone, to think and wonder,
To free the mind from body.
None to judge, correct or counter,
My thoughts shall rule the world.

All alone, blind and deaf,
Blessed with thoughts naive.
I’ll not look into the shadows,
Beyond my little spotlight.

All alone, to live and die,
To grow old eternally young.
And even till my last exhale,
Cowardly blind to the dark.

I submitted this to a contest, but I’m not even sure if that contest was actually real, and it’s been a few months without results soooo….  I decided to just post the poem here.


Act 3: Ripples (Poem About DDLC)

Act 3: Ripples

A stone flies into still waters.
And ripples disrupt the calm.

ripples DiSRupT the

A shadow always appears in the light.
Watching diligently, like eyes.


An apple’s juice lies beneath the skin.
A knife to cut through the sweet flesh.



Okay, last poem I claimed that I would release this one soon.  Sorry for doing the very opposite of that!  But I really like how this one turned out, and I hope you do too!  I realize that the formatting of the poem is reminiscent of Monika, but because I really like how this turned out, I don’t really want to change it.  I also tried to make this as metaphorical as possible, because I wanted it to seem like Yuri’s writing. I think I didn’t do that very well, but I still like this one.

I don’t own Doki Doki Literature Club – it belongs to it’s rightful owners! I do own the poem though – more info here.

Act 2: Hands to be Held (Poem about DDLC)

The pounding rain
runs around us,
As we stomp through puddles
with a splash!

Even on a day like this,
When the great old sky is crying.
There are games to be played,
And smiles to be shared,
As long as I’m in your hand.

The roaring wind
pushes against us,
And we run,
with the wind at our backs!

Even on a day like this,
When the great old wind is howling.
There are hands to be held,
And kisses to be blown,
As long as I’m in your hand.

But suddenly.
With the snapping of metal,
I am torn from your arms.

And leave you in the rain.



Ugh, I took so long to write this one.  Honestly, I had nearly no inspiration for this one, but I got through it anyway.  I’ll try and get the next two poems out faster, and I have vague ideas of what I’ll write for them too.  If you didn’t get it, I was imagining the protagonist as if he were an umbrella.  I tried to make it simple, but I’m not sure if I really used Natsuki’s poem style here.

Edit: Made it better.  I think.

I don’t own Doki Doki Literature Club – it belongs to it’s rightful owners! I do own the poem though – more info here.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Koutetsujou no Kabaneri)

Genres: Action, Horror, Fantasy, Drama

In a world overrun with a curse that turns humans into powerful zombie-like creatures called Kabane, humans live within steel fortresses to protect themselves.  Ikoma is a steam smith and inventor, and he one day hopes to destroy the Kabane with his powerful new invention.  And that begins the day he meets Mumei, a girl excused of the mandatory Kabane-virus inspection.


Personal Opinions
I really enjoyed this anime, and I ended up finishing it all in a single day.  I think this anime was almost like a mix of Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul, both anime that I really enjoyed.  I don’t think Kabaneri was quite as good as Attack on Titan, but I enjoyed it just as much, and in a different way.

Story: 7/10
I thought the story was exciting enough to keep my full attention on it for a full span of four hours (as I said, I watched it all in a day), even if it did have a few flaws.  I felt that the story wasn’t as tense as Attack on Titan’s, and also a bit more focused on drama than Attack on Titan was.  The story was full of action, which kept everything exciting and the action was also very well done.  I truly enjoyed this anime very much, even though there were some plot-holes.

Characters: 8/10
I mostly liked the main characters.  Ikoma was a brave and bold character, and he had a big heart for humanity (I know this sounds cliche but I honestly felt his character was a bit different from cliches, but I don’t know how to explain it).  He could be a bit rambunctious and ambitious at times, but I felt an immediate liking for him as soon as I started watching.  I also liked Mumei, the other main character, for most of the anime.  There were times when I wasn’t very happy with her, but I don’t find any of her actions particularly unreasonable, and I enjoyed her personality as well.  She was very laid-back and indifferent, yet still playful.  And also overpowered.  I think they call these kinds of people “Mary Sue”s or something, not sure.

Art: 6/10
When I judge an anime’s art, I don’t think I’m the best at doing so, but I thought this anime’s art was fine.  It wasn’t particularly amazing, but it was still pretty decent, and the action was drawn pretty well too.  Plus, I liked how the characters looked (Ikoma looks pretty bad-ass).  One of the things I was a bit annoyed by though were that some of the scenes in the anime were actually still-shots, which I thought was bad.

Sound: 10/10
The OP, “KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS” wasn’t bad, but what I truly loved was the beautiful ED sung by Aimer and chelly (The singer from EGOIST), “Ninelie”.  “Ninelie” is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  It is just pure awesomeness.  Also the ED played for episode 11, “Through My Blood” also sung by Aimer, is really awesome as well.  In addition, the soundtrack was also really awesome, a job well done by Sawano, who composed most of the music in the anime.  So good.


Final Notes:
I thought this was a really cool anime, and the music is freaking amazing.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Attack on Titan or Seraph of the End.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Other Information:
Source: Original
Length: 22 min/ep, 12 eps
Rating: R – 17+ (violence and profanity)
Studio: Wit Studio
(Info from My Anime List)

Season 2 of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is coming out this year, so I think I’ll either make another review, update this one, or just not review it.  We’ll see.

I don’t own Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress – it belongs to it’s rightful owners!


Swept Away

Swept Away

An invisible force holds my chest tight,
As a flurry of emotions fly through me.
A slight flash of red,
That fades into a mahogany,
Then into an empty, lonely black,
That sends a seeping cold into my spine.
And the wound spring slowly uncoils,
Until it is but a limp, lackluster wire.
And left on the ground til it is,



Act 1: Sunshine (Poem About DDLC)

Act 1: Sunshine

I sit on my porch, waiting for the sun to rise.
For her warmth to embrace me.
For her light to rejuvenate me.
For her kindness to make me smile.
I sit on my porch, waiting.

She burns brilliantly and happily.
Giving us her warmth.
Her light.
Her kindness.
She burns alone and unnoticed.

Until she starts to fade.

But I love you, Sun.
I love your warmth.
I love your light.
I love your kindness.
I love you.

So take my hand.

Don’t leave me hanging.



This is the first poem I wrote about the Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a game I recently played and I felt very touched (among other feelings) by the story, the poems especially.  I call it Act 1: Sunshine, and if you played the game, you know what this is about.  I think the only problem I have with this poem is that the last line of the poem may require you to play the game to understand.  Tell me what you think!  More DDLC-inspired poems should be coming!!

I don’t own Doki Doki Literature Club – it belongs to it’s rightful owners! I do own the poem though – more info here.

2018 New Year Goals

Yes, sorry, this is really late.  I’m posting this 10 days later than I should’ve.  But I was kinda busy (not really) doing other stuff.  Also these goals won’t be about school.  By the end of the year I want to be a better person.

  1. Respect my mom.  I’ve been listening to my mom less and less over the past few years, and I should listen to her more often.  It’s just the two of us in our family, so I should also talk to her more often and be kinder to her.
  2. Respect my teachers.  Frequently I don’t pay attention in class, specifically in French and Math.  For math, it’s because the school curriculum is too easy for me, and usually my teacher doesn’t mind too much if I zone out a bit during math.  But in French, the teacher doesn’t really teach us much, so I end up doing something else that the teacher doesn’t like me doing, like talking or browsing the internet without permission.  And then when she reprimands me for doing these things, I kind of just glare at her or make smart-ass comments.  So that’s something I really need to control.
  3. Respect the opinions of other people.  I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but I’m sort of dogmatic in my opinions, and I can often get into heated arguments with friends because of it.  An example is yesterday when we were talking about Star Wars and I claimed that the prequels were the best.  Nobody agreed with me.  And we yelled at each other for a few minutes.  I’m especially dogmatic when it comes to things that I believe I am experienced in.  Basically, I am sometimes an elitist.  And that isn’t good.
  4. Work hard and don’t be lazy.  I often procrastinate on my homework so I have to be more proactive and work on it over the course of the time given instead of only the last few days.

So I think that’s it.  Let’s hope I fulfill these throughout and by the end of the year.