LoJ – Chapter 10: The Star Dreams Alone

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     Ishishia sighed unhappily. “And why must we do this? If your God is so mighty, why doesn’t he just do it himself?” She rubbed her face with her hands. “Honestly, Kein, when will you realize how illogical you are being?”

     In response Kein, merely smiled. “We are not Him, we cannot possibly understand his motives with our sinful hearts. Our job is to only serve –“

     “Kein, I have rejected your God many times,” Ishishia interrupted, her eyes narrowed in irritation. “Am I one of the sinners that you will eradicate?”

     “I-I, well,” Kein stuttered. “Ishishia, you’re diff–“

     “No I am not!” Ishishia’s indignant shout made Kein flinch. They were both silent for a protracted moment, Kein unsure of what to say, Ishishia unsure of what she wanted him to say.

     Ishishia broke the silence. “Kein, recently you’ve been becoming more and more fanatical. Between me and your…faith, what’s more important to you?” Her voice faltered near the end of her question.

     Kein’s mind froze. He had never thought about this question before. He loved God, and he also loved Ishishia. And so like two connected gears turning in the same direction, they locked together at an impasse.

     “I cannot answer that,” Kein answered at length, his eyes downcast.

     When he looked back up, his wife was gone.


     “Your father is here,” Lucifer said, raising a hand to his shoulder. Shinumi dropped down into his palm, and he lowered her to the ground. A tall, thin yet strong man wearing a loose, black shirt and trousers stood a small distance away, and waved to Shinumi. Lucifer watched the young girl skip cheerfully into her father’s open arms.

     Lucifer had been very good friends with Kein for hundreds of years. When Kein and Ishishia had been locked into Hell, Lucifer had helped them endure the pain of the flames and keep their sanity. Lucifer taught them the Scriptures, which was his duty so long as he was in Hell. His relationship with Kein grew strong over the hundreds of years they had spent together.

     Life in Hell was harrowing, both physically and mentally, but when Kein found that the seal was undone, Lucifer felt rather reluctant leaving the realm of eternal flames. However, Kein and Ishishia would have taken their (relatively) recently born daughter to Earth, and that was what made his decision.

     But Lucifer was beginning to doubt. Was this what his Lord had wanted? To expose the Earth to the devils and demons that roamed Hell? Or had something happened in Heaven? Perhaps an angel had rebelled. Lucifer knew it was possible – he himself fell from the skies long ago, and he regretted it dearly. For a chance to return, he would have to be faithful and fully repent for his sins.

     Lucifer watched Kein as he knelt before Shinumi and talked to her quietly. Lucifer didn’t believe that they were meant to judge the sinners of the Earth. Lucifer didn’t believe that they were ever meant to be released from Hell in the first place. If things went wrong…The devil’s black eyes deepened, and his jaw squared.

     He needed to save Shinumi.


     Her father looked less joyful than usual tonight, which Shinumi thought was strange. Her father had almost always been happy since they came to Earth.

     “Did something happen, father?”

     “Tell me, Shinumi. Do you think that the two boys, who murdered the priest, deserve to die?”

     Shinumi clasped her hands together nervously. “I…uh…”

     “Shinumi, did I ever tell you why I was sent to Hell?” her father asked abruptly. “I killed my brother. If you kill someone, you deserve to go to Hell, Shinumi.”

     Shinumi didn’t know, but she had assumed her father had done something bad to deserve all that torture. But now that she found out, she didn’t think that murder deserved all the tortures of Hell.

     “Don’t you think the boys deserve to go to Hell?” Her father’s eyes were dark, and a bit wild, and Shinumi felt afraid as she looked into them.


     Her father looked at her sadly, and after a moment he said, “That’s good.” Then, he left.

     He had most definitely seen through her lie.


     Kein sat upon the roof of a tattered house. He felt the annoying tightness of frustration in his chest, but didn’t know what to do about it. Both his wife and daughter could not understand him. Or perhaps they did, and simply rejected his ideals.

     “Sir, we have found one of the boys’ caretakers. He offered to help us find them, for a sum of money and protection,” a soldier told him from the ground.

     Disgusting. Kein thought. What kind of parent would sell out their own child for money? Kein would never give away Shinumi for anything. Kein dropped off the roof and landed next to his soldier.

     “Take me to this…person.”

     I’ll kill him.

     The soldier felt an aura of dark power and cruel intent erupt from his master. He clenched his jaw and said nothing. Soon, he thought. The time when we will move is coming.


LoJ – Chapter 9: Beautiful Earth

     Shinumi surveyed the town from atop the devil’s head. It was small, a tightly packed collection of haphazardly placed wood, hay and nails, with some nicer buildings toward the west. Some had been turned into splinters of wood and glass in their assault. A circle of burnt trees circled the settlement, still smoking, though the strongest of flames had already been put out. It was marvelous, she thought, how powerful the devil was. A single spell to trap an entire town within flames. As she watched the soldiers feed Emmas’ citizens, her hand stroked the devil’s smooth, hairless head. All of the inhabitants of Emmas were gathered into the town square after the assault had ended. A few had been killed, and more injured, but she supposed they were unavoidable…Or were they? The thought nagged at her conscience. Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 9: Beautiful Earth”

LoJ – Chapter 7: Asleep Beneath Trees

Phin turned in his sleep, rolling off his back and onto his right arm, so that he faced me. I had been watching Phin sleep for the past half an hour or so, fascinated by his fitful rest, unsure whether I should’ve woken him or not. We had run quite a distance before we finally collapsed onto the cool hard earth, in the safety of a forest, beneath a large, leafy tree. When I awoke, it was mid-morning. I was thankful that summer had not yet ended, or I surely would’ve frozen to death, shirtless in a forest. Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 7: Asleep Beneath Trees”

LoJ – Chapter 6: Trickery and Truth

    The girl stared up into the night sky. It was a mostly clear night, and the stars adorned the dark sky beautifully. They felt far away, like wonders she could never reach. Plagued by a self-deprecating melancholy, she wiped the tears off her face.

    Why? Why was she crying? Why did she say the things she said? And why did she feel like everything she lived for abandoned her in that moment, when she met the light blue eyes of that black haired, young but strong boy, and watched his sharp, resolute gaze turn wistful and longing? Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 6: Trickery and Truth”

LoJ – Chapter 5: HumanADreamDemon

Pinned on the ground, she weakly pushed at Phin. But her movements were so weak, even Phin was stronger.

“What do you mean? She’s obviously a human!” I cried, throwing my hands up. “Have you gone blind? That huge freaking monster was a demon – this scrawny little girl isn’t!” Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 5: HumanADreamDemon”

LoJ – Chapter 4: From Hell

     “Jyn, wake up!”

     Ugh…my head hurts. Where did I hit my head again…?

     “Hurry, someone’s coming!”

     I felt a rough tug on my arm, and it all came back to me. In the next second I was on my feet, sweeping my gaze over the grassy plains below the hill. My heart pounded as I looked for any sign of movement. But I found nothing of interest. No tremors either. The night was still, the moon shone bright, and the steady chirps of crickets began to reach my ears. Continue reading “LoJ – Chapter 4: From Hell”