The Source of Kirito’s Strength in the Underworld

After watching episode 8 of Alicization, I was scrolling through the episode comments, and found a comment attempting to explain Kirito’s enormous source of strength, by stating that since Kirito is a human, he fundamentally has a greater imagination that what AI’s can ever have, since AI can only teach things that they have been taught.

While the comment has logical coherence to it, I wanted to address the fundamental flaw in said comment, and also talk about why Kirito is so strong in Alicization, which is shaping up to be a really fun arc.

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Mid-Season Rambling

Being an anime fan who only recently has began to keep up with seasonal anime, I must say that I am quite pleased with this season. Well, that’s not completely true, as Tokyo Ghoul:re is becoming a bigger disappointment every week, and Fairy Tail is just not as good as how I used to see it, back when I was still in that fledgling phase of otaku life, where all one watches are the long running shounens such as Naruto and One Piece.

But Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai wo Yume no Minai, Goblin Slayer, SAO Alicization, hell, even Zombieland Saga, are some pretty decent anime that I’m really enjoying (they also happen to be anime that I began watching near mid-season). If you haven’t watched some of these anime yet, be warned:

I’m also trying out this new WordPress editor and, it’s nice, but this whole thing where backspace deletes all your spaces is annoying.

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Random Thoughts on Monogatari…Or not…(Haikus at the End)

Monogatari is probably one of the most well thought out stories out there. I’ve never seen a story with as much thought given to it’s characters, it’s plot, it’s art style and cinematography, and even it’s use of soundtracks. Not in anime nor in the books I’ve read.

The only flaw I could ever point out would be the fan-service…which can’t really be considered a flaw, since it’s something that is seen as good or bad rather arbitrarily—and it might even be there to contribute to some greater idea of the characters.

I just finished watching Koyomimonogatari, a collection of short stories explore all sorts of philosophies on society and the nature of oddities. And it also ended off on a bit of a cliffhanger, because why not. To be honest I feel like I should rewatch the series a few more times, just so that I can have a deeper understanding of all that philosophy.

As of now I feel like I’m just not knowledgeable enough to really appreciate Monogatari. I really like it, but there’s just so much that I know I’m missing. I would really feel bad if I didn’t spend some time thinking, and thinking hard, about Monogatari’s themes and messages—to me that would feel like I was just ignoring the enormous amount of work put into the show for it to have so much depth to it.

This is probably hypocritical of me. I’m sure that there have been many stories, both ones that I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, that have had there own depths and themes that they were trying to convey. I’m probably just too dense or lazy to actually find these.

And that basically leads to me typing out a random post that, instead of correcting these errors on my part, instead proves them and affirms that they are there. Sigh. The time spent writing this unnecessary self-reflection piece could be used for something more practical, for example, studying for school. At the same time, self-reflection could also be a very good thing, provided that said person uses the knowledge discovered (or rather, the knowledge that has been consciously observed) in order to change themselves.

I don’t want to say that I can’t do that. But I really, really lack motivation and thus I lead a rather unchanging lifestyle. And the problem with lacking motivation is that it is a state cured by the end result—I have to be motivated to fix my lack of motivation problem. Therefore it’s impossible to fix my motivation problem. But the moment I’m motivated to solve my motivation problem, the problem is already resolved.

Well if I think about it like that, it’s feasibly impossible to be motivated. However, no matter how you think about it, that result I just ended up at is completely wrong! Which means that there must be something wrong with the way I’m thinking about motivation as a concept, or maybe in my logic.

Maybe it’s something more like this. The motivation problem isn’t actually solved by being motivated—it can’t be, or else it would be impossible. The motivation problem is actually solved by something that motivates me, an object or goal that I desire. Or perhaps something I fear or dislike.

I kinda feel dumb. What was the point of that whole blurb on motivation?

At least I corrected a logical fallacy I had.

Doesn’t solve my problem though.

Anyways, I realize I have really digressed way too much, but thanks for reading anyway if you did read this 🙂 I’ll leave a few Monogatari haikus here as a token of my appreciation:

Wait…That was six syllables.
Hehe, I stuttered.

Broken shrine stands still
On mountain top, surrounded
By dismembered snakes.

In the bath water
A blur of pretty colours.
Must be my soulmate.

Goblin Slayer: I Try To Analyze The OP

Some Spoilers for Goblin Slayer Ahead.

So I finally decided, after much debate, to give Goblin Slayer a spin. Since there was a lot of buzz around it online and stuff.

I thought it was rather disturbing, but I think the anime is pretty good overall.

Anyways, I was really intrigued by the OP of the anime, and I found that I liked it quite a lot. As well, I have been wanting to do an OP analysis post for ages, but never really found the right OP.

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What I’ll Be Watching – Fall 2018

Hello everyone! So the Fall 2018 season is coming up soon! I didn’t really find anything particularly good in the Summer 2018 season, but I know that I’m excited for the next season, because I’ll finally, finally, be able to finish Fairy Tail!

So here’s what I’m planning to watch this next season!

  1. Fairy Tail (2018) – Obviously I’ll be watching this. Fairy Tail was one of my favourite anime, and also one of the first I ever watched. To be honest, the anime’s first few arcs weren’t very interesting, but I think it definitely got really fun later on in the series. I haven’t watched it in two years though, so I’ve basically forgot A LOT of stuff. I wonder if I should go through the story again in the manga?
  2. Sword Art Online Alicization – Wow. A-1 pictures REALLY took their time, huh? I read the light novels (or at least some of them) for Alicization, and the story-line isn’t particularly interesting. However, I think the visuals and fights will be nice to see, and those are basically the only reason why SAO was enjoyable. That said, since the fights are the best part of SAO, I highly do not recommend reading the LNs because the story is really predictable and dry without being able to see the fights. I will say that Alicization is an interesting arc because it essentially puts Kirito into a completely new world (without any of his old friends), and the other main character of the arc is a boy.
    Ahem, let me say that again.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul:re Saishuushou – Though the anime is rather messy, extremely rushed, and not that great, I really loved the manga, and it’s great seeing the action happening on screen, since it’s quite hard to follow the fights in the manga. I’m looking forward to seeing Tokyo Ghoul finished on-screen, however rushed it may be. Btw, Saishuushou means “last chapter”.
  4. Toaru Majutsu no Index III – I might watch this, if I have the time. I haven’t watched the first two parts yet, which I plan to watch before I watch this one, if I decide to watch it. It’s about a guy with the power to negate other people’s psychic abilities in a world where a large percentage of the population has said special abilities. The premise seems pretty interesting, albeit cliche.
  5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – This is also a maybe. I have to watch the other seasons first before watching this one, but it’s definitely on my to-watch list! I know this is quite popular among it’s fans, and I haven’t heard anything negative about the show (other than the slow paced first season).

And that’s it! That’s all I’m watching from the Fall Season! I really look forward to watching all these anime! Thanks for reading and goodb—


You guys didn’t think I’d really end the post without including the most highly anticipated anime of the century, did you?

That’s right. I’m talking about ‘that’ anime.

Pingu in the City (2018).

Do NOOT miss the newest season of Pingu in the City!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. Oh, how my heart races just thinking about it! Everything about Pingu in the City is top-notch, from it’s impeccably meaningful and exciting story, to it’s perfectly beautiful characters that make you love them, to it’s dynamic, emotional soundtracks and cream-of-the-crop voice acting, to it’s deeply metaphorical yet beautiful art style.

live  for Pingu.

One last thing before I end the post! I think I’m going to try doing those episode review things, if I have the time. They seem pretty fun, and I often find myself really wanting to say stuff about one particular episode. So, during this season, I’ll pick an anime and review each episode. This won’t be a substitute for a final review though; I will still be doing those!

WhoAmI, a watcher of anime, signing off!

The Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

As of today, I have joined the elite community of elite bloggers. That’s right…I am now apart of the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers!

Or I will be, once I answer a few questions. Since the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers is such an elite group, I will have to overcome many trials in order to be accepted.

But these trials are necessary for myself in order to become a mighty blogger. So, here are the rules.

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Cute, Shy, Stutter and Cry; This Anime Character Needs To Die.

Who knows why I didn’t like Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi? Yes, you, on the other side of the screen. Go ahead and answer.

Endless Eight?

Other than that. Everyone hates Endless Eight, or you should if you don’t.

Useless Filler and Fan-service?

Eh, whether or not you like the filler or fanservice is a bit subjective (unlike Endless Eight). Though it’s true I thought those were annoying, it’s not the correct answer. Try again.

You just have trash taste in anime and can’t get it through your empty skull how good Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is.

I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that. I’ll give you ONE more try…

I don’t know! Tell me, Who-Am-I-Senpai!

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