This Art Club Has A Dark Side!

Eheheheh….yes, I am late to things yet again, as it has been a month since Yomu kicked off his Aniblogger collaboration in which the participating members will watch This Art Club Has A Problem! and analyze it for specific themes from the theme list Yomu has provided! Visit this post for more information!

Anyways, for this first episode, I have chosen the core theme: The Hidden Dark Side of the Art Club. As I haven’t watched the episode yet, I don’t know if I’ll actually have anything to write about, but let’s just hope I can at least make something up.

So, having watched the first episode now, I can say that this has been a pretty good first episode. I actually had rather low expectations for this, but the hilarity of this first episode really proved me wrong. The show was funny, the main character was cute, and the show gives off a lovely, bubbly tone!

Or so I thought. But really, this show actually deals with some very heavy issues, and the art club isn’t as happy as it might seem.

In fact, each of these characters represent the deep, complex, and utterly twisted flaws within our society.

Warning: Before you continue on, know that the following text contains
highly graphic violence and the cruel uncomfortable truths of our society
that I have decided to expose. Be warned.

This club….is really a place where the monsters of society gather! Just take a look at our main male protagonist, Uchimaki Subaru!

He has a deep, unshakable obsession with young, seemingly underage anime girls. But, being bound by the cruel chains of reality, Subaru is unable to satisfy his desires, only able to admire his waifus in unmoving snapshots. However, this was enough; as long as Subaru could admire his true love, even in still pictures, he was satisfied. But, as his love and passion grew stronger, it was clear that he soon lost himself in the unending labyrinth of artistic perfection, and much like the ancient Greek sculptor Pygmalion, who fell in love with his sculpture, Subaru too had lost touch with what separates reality from imaginary. The dark chains of society and morality that bound him were unbreakable, and yet his twisted love was unstoppable. And so to overcome the paradox between the unstoppable spear and immovable wall, Subaru’s ability to separate reality from delusion was suppressed by his subconscious in order to prevent a mental breakdown. And thus, Subaru is forever cursed to love something which will never love him back, forever trying to bring his fantasies into the real world without truly understanding that it is impossible.

Let us take a moment to commend Subaru for his wonderful act of rebellion against the cruel laws of the world. In this world where only marriage between humans is deemed as legitimate, us otakus are left with nothing but a pure love for our true soulmates, which we must hide from the unsympathetic cruelty of the world.

This unsympathetic cruelty is acutely represented by our main female protagonist, Usami Mizuki.

An extremely violent act of murder committed by Mizuki, who thrusted her fist through the face of the completely innocent waifu (#17) of Subaru.

This is the very first death of the anime, and it hadn’t even been five minutes! This clearly sets the dark, twisted tone that the story continues to take as it fully explores the struggles of a young man attempting to live in a society that won’t accept him for who he is!

Mizuki is cruel, for sure…but she probably doesn’t realize it. Her actions are protected by the approval of society, so she doesn’t realize how much her actions hurt Subaru. Moreover, she is also consumed by an immense jealousy towards Subaru’s pictures, as she herself is pining for the love of Subaru. She is pining for the love of this man, yet she shuns his ideologies and even commits murder to try and keep him from marrying those he wants to marry. Does this sound familiar? That’s right—Mizuki is a yandere, a girl with severe psychological damage that is easily overwhelmed by her feelings for Subaru. Do you need more proof?

Attempted murder on Ribbon-chan, waifu #18
Attempted murder upon Art Club President.

See? This girl has some clearly psychotic tendencies! She’s so easily overwhelmed by her feelings that she would even kill Subaru’s waifus to make Subaru hers! But like all yanderes, she is completely selfish. She doesn’t try to make Subaru happy—she wants to be with Subaru because that will make her happy! And that is the extent of Mizuki’s greed! If Mizuki were truly looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, she would provide an environment where Subaru could feel safe!

So this is it, everyone. I’ve exposed the dark, dark truths of this anime. The art club has a problem, a problem much deeper than what it appears to be on the surface…

WhoAmI, divulger of the hidden secrets of the Art Club, signing off.


Author: WhoAmI?

I love reading, video games, philosophy, anime, and I have lots of thoughts... But are they really my thoughts? Are these things really what I am interested in? How would I know if I have control over myself? Do I have free will at all? Am I...really myself? Who.... Am I?

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