My Ascension to the Realm Where 60% of All Anime Take Place (Highschool)

Hey, it’s been quite a loooong week, wouldn’t you agree?

Since reaching the realm in which I had only envisioned in the world of anime, I have learned a lot of things. Academic stuff and non-academic stuff, like Latin, how to deal with homework, communism, and that anime basically makes no friends.

Where to start?

Well, first off, my school teaches Latin, which is pretty fun to learn! There’s a lot of homework though. I don’t know a lot of Latin yet, but I know a few words. The infinitive of “sing” is a pretty nice sounding word: Cantare. Latin is also helpful in the way that it helps expand my English vocabulary as well, since about 60% of English is derived from Latin. A cool fact about English is that it was originally derived from Germanic (an old form of German), but nowadays less than 25% of English words are actually from Germanic.

My school also teaches Ancient Greek, but I’m not allowed to take that until I’ve taken one year of Latin.

Now, let’s talk about homework, aka the reason why I can only post once a week.

I don’t want to sound too much like those high school students who just complain about too much homework when they haven’t experienced University yet, sooooo…

Enough said, let’s move on.

Communism. Back in middle school, I always looked upon communism as something the other guys joked about, as if it were a meme. Me, being edgy, didn’t care about memes or screaming or fitting in or having friends, so I basically ignored it. But now, communism is the one thing that actually made me like history. Before high school, history was a dumb, useless subject where we learned about Canadian history (which is drier than sandpaper). But communism changed everything. Now, history is fun!
We’re learning about Joseph Stalin next class, which I am looking forward to hehe.

On an unrelated note, there my science class is…not very great because of the teacher. She’s a new teacher, and you can see that because she’s pretty bad at organizing the labs, tries to fit waay too much content into a single class (resulting in a large influx of—you guessed it, homework), and then attempts to humiliate anyone who doesn’t do something properly when it’s her fault in the first place.

Well she’s not that bad, but my entire class kinda hates her.


Anime makes no friends.

I should’ve been expecting that.

Alright, so that’s basically the past few weeks of school for me!

It’s been quite difficult balancing homework and school stuff with playing video games and watching anime, so difficult in fact that my schedule is packed. I am aiming to get an anime review, or a book review out next week, so maybe look forward to that!

WhoAmI, the busy high school student, signing off!


Author: WhoAmI?

I love reading, video games, philosophy, anime, and I have lots of thoughts... But are they really my thoughts? Are these things really what I am interested in? How would I know if I have control over myself? Do I have free will at all? Am I...really myself? Who.... Am I?

8 thoughts on “My Ascension to the Realm Where 60% of All Anime Take Place (Highschool)”

  1. Hey, Canadian history is great! I actually enjoyed it more than American history!

    And one thing I’ve learned since high school is that there is a lot they don’t teach you about WW2 and by extension things like communism – all I’ll say is try to remember that history is written by the victors…
    That being said, I also have a deep interest in these things. The Bolsheviks, Stalin, the state of Europe pre-WW2, etc.. all very cool stuff for sure. So I can understand Canadian history seeming dry in comparison!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah this was before I met you!
      And like some other people.
      Worry not—I acknowledge you as my friend…
      Did you comment this at 1 am in the morning? That’s no good. You must get to sleep on time!


        1. Hmm. I approved the comment (I’m the only mod on the site) at 7, I’m pretty sure the comment retains the original time it was commented. Now it says you posted at 10
          .. which is still kinda late.


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