Welcome To My Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!


Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am…or rather my profile name is ‘Who am I’ (because anonymity is cool).  So if you want to talk to me…I guess you could call me ‘WAI’ for short.  Or ‘Y’.  Yeah, call me Y.

So on this blog, I won’t be doing anything in particular…I do have a tendency to write rather long reviews on anime. Not for school or money either. I do it cause I think it’s fun.

Weird write? I mean ‘right’? Why would someone write so much about anime!?

But other than anime reviews and stuffs like that, I also talk about books at times, and sometimes write poems or stories! Feel free to leave a comment if you want to!

Here is a list of all the anime I have watched so far btw, and approximately how much I enjoyed them.

Author: WhoAmI?

I love reading, video games, philosophy, anime, and I have lots of thoughts... But are they really my thoughts? Are these things really what I am interested in? How would I know if I have control over myself? Do I have free will at all? Am I...really myself? Who.... Am I?

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